Miss Miss Universe? Miss USA Won!

Miss USA Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe
Miss USA Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe

If you missed the Miss Universe pageant, Miss USA, Olivia Culpo, was just crowned the champion.

Normally, I would make up some funny Navy joke and insert it here, but Miss Culpo’s talent is playing the cello. And the US Navy stopped accepting cellists into our ranks back when we had our last wood shortage in March of 1794. Is it a coincidence that this ship, still in service today, was commissioned that very month? Old Ironsides must of taken a lot of wind instruments to build. On a breezy day, you can still hear Vivaldi’s Four Seasons blowin’ through her sails.

Ms. Olivia Culpo, a Boston University sophomore (home to the USS Constitution), probably knows this better than us.

6 thoughts on “Miss Miss Universe? Miss USA Won!”

  1. After spending the day with my sister, she said she was going to settle in with her notepad (so she could take notes) and watch The Miss Universe Pageant. Width that, I told her I was going home. When I got home and told my husband how my sister planned to watch the pageant, he said, “That’s what I was planning too!” He had me going there for a minute. I thought of you and your “Gossip Girl” post.

  2. I understand that these competitions create work opportunities (and tax revenue) as well as hold an appeal to those interested in fashion and the sculpted body beautiful.

    ( The MSM salivate over the same as it creates an opportunity for them to exploit every aspect of which eventually drips into glossy magazines, (double sales all round).

    Not wishing to pee on anybody’s barbecue…

    I just do not get what is being celebrated by it all, beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and as cliché as the saying goes, it is only skin deep! Scratch the surface and back stage you have catfights and bitching that would put a Liberace/Barry Manilow dressing room to shame!

    Is this what people want for their daughters to subscribe to? It is so syrupy sweet and false that it is offensive. Isn’t it?

    Several years ago I met some one who puts her heart and soul into working with horses, in particular for the charity ‘riding for the disabled’ (a very attractive woman who was [is] quite successful in the ‘horsey’ world). The same woman assisted greatly in setting up the formation of the charity when she worked in Europe, which has reached out and assisted countless thousands worldwide.
    Fame and recognition within the MSM is not her style, young girls aspire to be her, and parents use her as a role model.

    Just recently I saw the joy on a young girls face (who is severely disabled) as she was assisted into the saddle on her first indoor ride, courtesy of ‘riding for the disabled’. Her parents were over come with tears of joy, they had never seen her express her emotions in such a way (I had dust in my eyes from mucking out so I couldn’t see that clearly).

    The riding assistants (who are nearly all female) give their all as volunteers. Each and every one of them in my mind are angels, far superior to a ‘Ms. World/Universe’ pageant/contestant.

    I am not stood on a soapbox banging a drum for feminists, quite the opposite. I just wish we, as a society, could look for some thing more meaningful that will bring back the core standards and values that once meant some thing in life, instead of pandering to celebrity filled drivel.

    Mid morning groan over, time for a pot of Yorkshire tea and a slice of Dundee cake.

    Yours Aye.

  3. Lou: Haha! I don’t watch these things, never really have. The women seem like prima donnas. I am surprised there are notes to be written about it.
    EB: Yes, that woman deserves to be celebrated. Not these 20 year-olds with barely a scratch of anything important in their lives. This response, by Lauren Caitlin Upton, in a beauty contest, is priceless.

    1. ‘Jeezus H Criste’ NavyOne… I have just spat a mouthful of Tea and Dundee cake all over my iMac screen. A little comedy warning next time please!

      (Get that young girl a job with National Geographic)…


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