Someone Shot at a Marine Corps Recruiter?

Someone shot at a San Jose Marine recruiter while he drove his government-issued Pontiac G6 southbound on Highway 85. The Marine’s car was hit by bullets near Stevens Creek Boulevard. The recruiter was in uniform, so these were not the stray bullets of some gang-bang drive-by.

5 thoughts on “Someone Shot at a Marine Corps Recruiter?”

  1. I truly hope it was not from a ‘home grown’ Islamist fanatic.

    We went through 22 years of not wearing ‘rig’ going to and from our bases due to the threat from the IRA. Service personnel are easy targets away from foreign fields.,d.d2k

    Every morning before we travelled to base we would have to check under our cars for IED’s. One morning the Royal Marines Commandant General forgot to do it.


    I pray that your incident was a one off…

    Yours Aye.

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