Feminine Smell on Submarines

Uh oh, Yahoo Answers is back. With this little gem: Are women allowed on Submarines? how does the crew handle the feminine smell wafting through the sub?

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  1. There is nothing that pleases me as equally as the scent of a woman. Laying abed in the morn, Struan Manor is redolent with the showery fragrance of Lady Struan preparing herself for the day. Spicy tangs of soaps & perfumes signal her freshly scrubbed and unmistakable femininity. Her aura, trailing behind her as she moves through the manse, mixes with the freshly brewing aroma of French roast espresso and toasting baguette. Warriors who are used to the stench of battle and it’s concomitant odors are familiar with cosmoline & cordite, diesel exhaust and things burning that normally shouldn’t be, somewhere within the olfactory senses effective range – not to mention other men long past their sell-by date.

    In the hermetically sealed metal tube of a submarine, fathoms under water for months at a time, it must be nothing short of a cruel, unusual and sadistic sentence imposed on male crewmembers.

    Submariners all – you’re a better man than I, Gunga Din.

    1. I hate to ask this, Struan….but do you evaluate yourself as other men long past a ‘sell-by’ date? I was just curious, of course. You appear to have way with words….they come trippingly off your tongue, if you will…I liked reading it. Thanks for the appraisal and factual accuracy. Most enlightening….k

      1. Clumsy wording on my part, Kristen. By “sell-by” I meant (as my brother RM Bootneck would say) we’d “gone off.” After a few weeks on an op with no shower, things can get a might odiferorous, no matter how attentive one is to one’s personal hygeine.

        And, thank you for your kind words.

        1. Well, Struan…your words weren’t necessarily clumsy; I understood your meaning…even women although clearly more flowery smelling than the majority of the male population, given the proper circumstances can be pretty strongly aromatic themselves…and although men may have their odor problems in confined spaces, women can too. It’s a sad event indeed when you find your own smell makes you wince…we shouldn’t go into particulars at this stage however…suffice it to say, human beings without the proper deodorizing and eau d’toilette accoutrements (and that’s women too), are all obnoxiously smelly creatures…so buck up…take a refreshing shower and get ready to impress everyone you know …it could be worse…k

  2. A feminine scent with the Silent Service.
    I have always thought of ‘sun dodgers’ being a strange breed; locked away in their little tin ‘closet’ for months on end, running along ‘sandy bottoms’…

    The following link will take you to a tale of sun dodgers and a blonde cruising…


    My tongue in cheek humour will become apparent, but well worth a read of the capabilities of the Silent Service.

    Yours Aye.

  3. Bubblehead: Good point. Certain smells are okay- others, not.
    Struan: Wow, CP and Kris are a tough crowd!
    EB: Love the last quote by Admiral Jacky Fisher. He’s an interesting gentleman. Perhaps second only to Lord Horatio Nelson in terms of your fine Navy leadership.

    1. Dunno ’bout that N1 – Sir Frances Drake was a pretty fair sailor – when ships were wood & men were iron.

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