Bad Lads, Lads’ Army

Bad Lads' Army
Bad Lads’ Army

Lads’ Army or Bad Lads’ Army is a British television program that takes civilian clowns and attempts to turn them into military material. The recruits are punks and law-breakers and the training is 1950s style:

The programme format is simple. The recruits are issued period uniforms and equipment and fed, quartered and trained according to the standards of the era.

Here is an episode with the goal of turning the lads into officers. (Money line: You call me Sir again and I’ll rearrange your tescticles!) Those Corporals and Sergeants earn their pay.

2 thoughts on “Bad Lads, Lads’ Army”

  1. I recall the first series very well, which was well received over here in ‘blighty’; it was not politically correct in any way with no punches pulled. The results the training team achieved were pretty incredible considering the great majority of youths had never received any type of discipline before. A few actually went on to join the military machine.

    Sadly the series that followed pandered more for the audience, with certain events staged to a standard ‘Benny Hill’ would be proud of.

    The days when youths were turned into men proper.

    Yours Aye.

    1. I tell you, I loved this clip. It took young guys and gave them the opportunity to grow. Sad that it lost its way. Even if there were no tv filming it, the military training would be a good way to rehab punks.

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