A Riddle and an Explanation

London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation.
–G. K. Chesterson

Okay okay, so this post is a little bit of a. . . 

8 thoughts on “A Riddle and an Explanation

  1. As a deeply committed anglophile, I firmly believe that the words ‘London’ and ‘Paris’ should not appear in the same sentence. (Fail; oh bugger)!

    Yours Aye.

  2. Bootneck, I am with you in regards to London and Paris. Your London is a great city. With tons of history, nice people, and class! Paris, Mehhh.

  3. And after spending two years in London, I agree with everyone else and the above comments…Paris; the only thing I remember is my mother getting mugged by two kids (a brother and sister apparently) in front of the hotel we stayed in for a few days…she had both the temerity and the foresight to grab the little nine-year old boy by the scruff of the neck when he tried to steal the wallet inside her purse…and admittedly, the gendarmes were there post haste….it was an amazing thing to participate in and watch….astounding, really….k

  4. EB: In all fairness, that was two sentences. That said, I really enjoyed the foggy two days I spent in London.
    Lou: Jack London=London. Paris=Dog.
    mark: Paris has its own charm too. Although, I like London better.
    EB: York? That must be the old York. I’ve spent a lot of time in York 2.0, the Big Apple.
    Kris: Wow! That is a hell of a story. I am glad it worked out for your mom.

    • NavyOne
      Two sentences is just nit picking.

      York ‘over here’ was the original apple tree that spat the pip out to be planted ‘over there’…


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