Navy Lieutenant Mongo Meets Female Lieutenant

I had the joy and privilege of going to Navy dental today. I have never quite understood why anyone would seek to be a dentist, but that may have more to do with me than them. Rooting around in Seaman Jonnhy’s mouth is not my idea of either a holiday or a workday. Rather, it sounds like punishment.

Anyway, I knew the Navy dentist from prior meetings. She is another lieutenant and about 4’11. I am blessed or cursed with the ability to remember people and the facts about them. I see them again after a year and it is as if it were the last time we talked. Only, sometimes I have to mask my memory because the other person has poor recall. (Or perhaps I made no impression?)

Disclaimer: I sometimes joke around on this blog, but this is no joke. The tiny LT picked up a chart, not mine, and said: Lieutenant Mongo? She stumbled over the last name, so I did not think she was joking. And I remembered she was not too jokey the last time we met. But I played it like a joke, not that she got it. She brushed LT Mongo’s chart aside and found mine. And we chatted. She was surprised I knew what ship she had come off of, the Nimitz, and that I remembered her.

For a very brief brief brief nano-second, I wondered if Navy Dental had nick-named their patients like what happened to Christine Duran, Christina Huerta and Isabel Robles at the Chilly D’s Sports Lounge and Cameo Club Casino in Stockton.

LT Mongo, out. . .

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  1. I can understand someone becoming a Dentist easier than I can see them becoming a Proctologist. What happened in their life to make them want to root around back there?

  2. Yeah, I don’t understand either of those professions…one’s just as believable as the other..I went for my semi-annual visit to the dental technician and was informed I had to have a crown and a filling in the foreseeable future…I thought about it for a month and decided I’d better have it done before next year…a pretty hefty expense for a few teeth or what’s left of them…so last week I did it; the pain was minimal…and the drilling was more than I expected but tolerable….I don’t or haven’t had much difficulty going to the dentist because my gums are quite healthy and I floss of course….but this was an extended period of time with my mouth open and excessive drooling all around…and after the anesthetic wore off, it did hurt….another month I’ll have the permanent crown….I’m just glad there’s someone who doesn’t mind working in other people’s mouths…it wouldn’t be my choice but someone has to do it….k

  3. CP: You can definitely add procto to the no-no list in terms of professions. Who dreams of becoming one of those?
    Kris: With your new crown, we can call you Queen!

    1. To be honest with you Navy One, I have two crowns….a few years ago I had my first one done….lower left quadrant….and now this new one upper right….I sent the dentist office a nice appraisal of their work, commenting on their dedication to looking in people’s mouths and up their noses….I wouldn’t like to do it, but you have to appreciate there’s someone out there who remains willing to….k

  4. $ $ $ ‘Kerrrrching’ $ $ $ is one large reason why a dentist is prepared to ‘orifate’ (new word just made up to fit the comment).

    Each one of us has practiced proctology in one way or another.

    Only yesterday I had to deal with a complete a*** ***e who called me from an exchange in India trying to sell double glazing on behalf of an English based company. I found a squirt of hand-held-air-horn invaluable, it speaks a thousand words in just a second!

    I then called the company based over here and asked to speak to one of the directors; he also got a ‘squirt’. Some forms of proctology are easier than others, I find my method is more of a deterrent.

    Yours Aye.

  5. I have a bad habit of nick-naming people. Then I have to worry about slipping up and calling them by their nick-name. But it is a great way to remember people – especially when telling my husband some story. If I say, “Oh, you remember Jane…” he will not remember. But if I say, “Oh, you remember Sex Kitten…” his memory will work much better. I really did nick-name one of his coworker’s wives “Sex Kitten”, and she was very unforgettable.

    Mongo is a great nick-name – better than chango.

  6. No matter that they are fat – Political Correctness rules. Certainly the comment was unkind & churlish but it wasn’t incorrect. The great danger of PC has always been the nullification of the truth. Sometimes the truth hurts but it’s still the truth. I remember when San Francisico was going to reprint every city document that had “manhole covers” in it to “personhole covers.”

    “Political correctness is a doctrine, fostered by a delusional, illogical minority, and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.”

    1. Or that there is a clean end to a turd; it inevitably takes the left down this illogical and ridiculous road in the first place…they don’t even know how ridiculous they actually are until they find themselves looking in that mirror…..k

  7. EB: I always like a good, new word. Orifate, that works!
    Lou: I got a guy at work calling me zipperhead. I wear my hair short and he thought it was funny. He weighs about 240 pounds and I just smile. (So I respect your habit!)
    Struan: Great quote on political correctness.
    Kris: A ridiculous road indeed. . .

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