“Find the Best” Finds Something Not-Quite Close

Have you heard of Find the Best? It is a website and they offer ways to search for information that is more holistic than a search engine. They recently put up a page about a blog written by some Sailor in the brig. (Hmmm, this may be in poor taste considering what post is below. I take that back) They put up a page about us. And by us, I mean you ‘n me.

9 thoughts on ““Find the Best” Finds Something Not-Quite Close”

  1. Êtes-vous en train de me dire que vous avez un accent français Marine One? Et je pensais que l’anglais était la langue maternelle … Je ne savais pas que vous étiez un linguiste français / arabe … nous apprenons quelque chose de nouveau chaque jour, n’est-ce pas?….k

  2. Mon anglais est bon, il est de mon vélo qui est un peu rouillé!

    And that is more than enough ‘langue française’ for one day. People will start thinking this Blog is Canadian based?

    Yours Aye.

  3. CP: I had to leave something for you to puzzle over!
    Kris: Haha! The translator changed NavyOne to Marine One. Don’t tell any of the Leathernecks around here.
    EB: I love Canada. But no, this is not a Canuck blog!
    Lou: Okay Loukay!

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