American Marine, Jon Hammar, Shackled in a Mexican Prison

Jon Hammar is still in a Mexican jail. Shackled to a bed. And the Matamoros state prison in Tamaulipas is just over the border. Who is up for jail breaking him?

Jon Hammar in a solitary cell inside Matamoros state prison in Tamaulipas, shirtless, barefoot and chained by handcuffs around his right ankle.
Jon Hammar in a solitary cell inside Matamoros state prison in Tamaulipas, shirtless, barefoot and chained by handcuffs around his right ankle.

 The recently released picture makes my blood boil. This isn’t going to end well for Mexico.

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    1. I’m in and not kidding around. If anyone reads this that can fund a small team I would be glad to be part of it. I’m sick of real Americans getting treated like shit by our own government. If we had a real President running this country who had a fucking spin and a set of balls no one would keep one of our Marines prisoner. Who the fuck is with me. This shit needs to stop..

  1. I wonder if we could get Duane ‘Dog’ Chapman to go back there? He got himself into a mess of trouble the last time he went into Mexico…I wonder how willing he’d be to go back and rescue this fine young man???…..k

  2. The application of common sense from Governments on both sides of the border would not go amiss. If this cannot be sorted out through a simple phone call it shows how dire the situation is along the border.

    Sadly, any one now visiting Mexico should expect some form of political retribution.

    I vote with my feet, I vow not to visit or purchase produce from certain countries until they rectify fault.

    Yours Aye.

  3. Did you ever see the movie “Breakout” with Charles Bronson? We could do it! Actually, money is the key, and I would gladly give, if it would help.

    Things on the Mexican Border have been bad for a long time. The USA has turned a blind eye to their neighbor and things have gone from bad to worse. If the mighty America cannot deal with Mexico, well, we have no huevos.

  4. England is the same, we have been let down dreadfully by the previous ‘Socialist’ Government, who even lied over the immigration figures when they were in power.

    I am all for canceling foreign aid so we can use the funding to sort out our home base. Once we have a stable platform to operate from we can then look to helping others, but until then we sort out our own mess.

    Over the past few years I have been reading up on US border control, and the desperately sad stories around murdered US Border Agency employees. The solution is harder enforcement, even if it means building a wall with a concrete trench in depth. In the long run it will pay for itself.

    Yours Aye.

    Yours Aye.

  5. Saddle up and let’s go. I’ll gas up Big Green and you can even ride shotgun though you’ll have to share with Angus.

  6. edO331: I admire and appreciate your heart. I am active-duty and I personally can’t go charging into a foreign country. But read below and I think you have some volunteers.
    Kris: Ah, Dog. Forgot about him. Good idea, send him in.
    EB: Common-sense? I am not sure the folks in government have it.
    Lou: I’ve never seen that movie. I’ll keep an eye out for it. . .
    EB: Great idea, we need to secure the border first.
    Six: Alright! You, edO331, and Lou can go bust him out. Bring Angus!

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