Two US Aircraft Carriers?

RIA Novosti
RIA Novosti

If you are going to write on naval affairs, and you title an article: US Navy pulls two aircraft carriers from Syria shores, you had better make sure it is correct.

As you may have guessed the two aircraft carriers are not both carriers. The facts: the USS Eisenhower aircraft carrier and the USS Iwo Jima Amphibious Ready Group. . .What would you expect from the Russian International News Agency, RIA Novosti? In 2005, RIA Novosti established RT (originally Russia Today.) And they could use an editor or two.

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  1. Well, Navy One when you compare this news agency to the current American mainstream media, I think I’d give the Russians the benefit of the doubt under the circumstances….they just started being journalists not run by the state all too recently…..think about it….k

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