Zoomie Once Weighed 300 Pounds?

You have got to hand it to Airman 1st Class Mitchell Imlah. The current Air Force Zoomie once weighed more than 300 pounds. And he dropped weight to join the lighter blue service. . .

3 thoughts on “Zoomie Once Weighed 300 Pounds?”

  1. Wow… Thats almost twenty one and a half stone, and he was 19 years old at the time?

    The recruiters harsh comments actually actually gave Mitchell Imlah the resolve to change his life, as well as save him from an early grave.

    Their loss (and his loss) is the Air Forces gain!

    Very well done mate.

    Yours Aye.

  2. A slap on the back for his accomplishment. That is not an easy task and has as much to do with mental control as much as it does elbow control (hand to mouth). Good for him and good for the AF.

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