VetNet, a Great Google Creation

The Ruptured Duck, a blog for veterans and those who will beThe Ruptured Duck is a blog for vets run by Stars and Stripes. And they focus on veteran’s issues, such as VetNet, a new Google creation formed by the search engine monster, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Hire Heroes USA, and Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families:

The search engine giant is trying to do for veterans what it does best: provide a centralized place to easily find and use the information that’s out there. The company has partnered with Hire Heroes USA, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Syracuse University’s Institute for Veterans and Military Families to create VetNet, an interactive community for job searching veterans and their spouses.

VetNet“We hope it is a one-stop shop of sorts that offers a full spectrum of services no matter where [veterans] are in [their] transition,” Carrie Laureno, of Google, said.

The idea, though, was to make it more than just a resource library. VetNet not only will gather all the important information in one easily navigated place, but will also make the process more interactive instead of a one-way deluge of information. The hallmark of VetNet will be use of the Google Hangouts feature, which lets a group of people video chat with each other. With the VetNet arranged hangouts, veterans can have “fireside chats” with CEOs and successful entrepreneurs and “attend” training classes where participants can ask questions, said Kevin Schmiegel, a retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel who is executive director of the Chamber’s Hiring Our Heroes program.

VetNet Entrepreneur Track

They’ll record the chats and post on YouTube for others to view.

VetNet is an important tool. I’ve met vets with definitive plans post-serivce. And then I’ve met guys who are lost. VetNet will able to help both.

4 thoughts on “VetNet, a Great Google Creation

  1. I dunno. Ever since Big Sis referred to veterans as “potential terrorists” … Must be my paranoia. “…provide a centralized place to easily find and use the information that’s out there.” “VetNet not only will gather all the important information…”

    Do I trust Google with all that “important information” submitted by vets? Where will the offered up Vet’s personal information be stored? Who will Google share this storehouse of “important information” with?

    “Information” like tracers, work both ways.

    Jes’ sayin’.

  2. Google is only a good starting place for information search. But not the only place. I do believe that Google is biased to the left.

  3. Struan: Interesting. I don’t consider myself naive, but I saw this as a plus. Let me investigate some more.
    Kris: Hmm, maybe I am all Labrador Retriever and what is required is a little Doberman.
    CP: It is a good starting point. And they send a lot of readers to blogs too.

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