New Travel Neck Pillow

I am in the market for a new travel neck-pillow. This one looks as good as any other. Although, I am not big on the potpourri (um, noisy) angle.

5 thoughts on “New Travel Neck Pillow”

  1. NavyOne

    If you are serious about a travel neck pillow then I would strongly recommend the one on the following link (they are far superior than the ‘half moon’ type). Over the years I have tried every type, shape and size; each have failed miserably.

    This one even stops strangers from dropping their heads on your shoulder as you can strategically place it as a buffer to deter such anti-social behaviour (unless they are a classic 6′ blue eyed blonde called Helga from Sweden; in which case you gently deflate it to the required pressure)!

    Remember you heard it here first…

    Yours Aye.

    1. I have about 3 of those u-shaped pillows that I use when I travel. (Not all at once. One at a time.) As for Helga, I took a hellish flight once. A guy on my right starting ranting about President Bush and the lady to the left kept snuggling on my left shoulder. (I shut down the guy with something gruff and the lady, no Helga, I kept brushing off.)

      I may very well have to look into this ultimate inflatable of yours. (Ooops, that sounded odd.) I may very well have to look into this Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow & Neck Pillow of yours. It looks great.

          1. I’m surprised you’re still up Ex Bootneck…Sir…you startled me and made me laugh at the same time…and even though I did chuckle for a moment, it remains a sad time…a thoughtful time of the deaths of 20 little people who will never know what it is to grow up, love, marry or even find further happiness in this life…Friday was a traumatic and sad time for my old home state of Connecticut….I’ve seen too much of it lately and am saddened that we have a world where such damaged people are allowed to snuff out life so quickly and in such a horrible way….k

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