Victoria Soto, Heroic Sandy Hook Teacher

Vicki Soto
Vicki Soto

I’ve always had a thing for heroes. They lend hope, strength, and comfort to all of us through their bravery. Click on the tab labeled heroes (under categories to the lower left) for more examples of these great folks.

Meanwhile, another hero has sadly been added to the ever-increasing rolls. Victoria Soto, a Sandy Hook Elementary School first-grade teacher. She died protecting her students from the crazed gunman in Connecticut. Vicki Soto is survived by Donna and Carlos Soto, her parents, and her sisters and brother. God bless you, Vicki. Reading of your courage gave me chills.

7 thoughts on “Victoria Soto, Heroic Sandy Hook Teacher”

    1. I agree. Completely. It is a tragedy of astronomical proportions. I don’t know how to deal with it as an adult if I was there, much less what I would do if I were still a kid. As for the despicable demon who did this. . .

  1. We continue to hear what a genius Adam Lanza was, a misunderstood kid…and of course the photos of him as a shy thirteen year old…you should take a hard look at the photo of him in the here and recently deceased ‘now’…he looks like a crazed ‘death’s head’….2nd Amendment rights are in the crosshairs again, proposed by those who would deprive us of our right to defend ourselves from being corpse material…and that comes from the top…well-meaning and well-intentioned liberal/progressives who walk away from results and consequences denying their own culpability in causing such events to occur because of their own enacted policies….and the self-same people who find it acceptable to incur infanticide on botched abortions….everything is always someone else’s fault…certainly not theirs just because someone didn’t follow their own convoluted brain processes in following these ‘so-called’ laws….although how even a normal person would be interested in following such rules, regulations and red tape escapes me…..k

    1. Really, we need to focus on the mental health aspects of the case. We all have known a nutty kid or two. What they require is some good professional assistance in their life. And you right, there are drumbeats for the guns. But let ’em try. . .

  2. Courage comes from within; it lies dormant until the trigger is sprung. When the trigger is sprung decent souls of all ages will use their heart mind and body to push fear to one side without thought of the consequence to them selves. It is only afterwards that those fortunate enough to survive their action sit and ponder what could have been.

    Courage is fear turned inside out; we need to feel fear to allow the lever to spring.

    Courage cannot be measured, nor can it be taught. It sits within us all sleeping until it is aroused; it will come when we truly call upon it. When the ultimate sacrifice is made courage inspires others to follow.
    That day six people made the ultimate sacrifice; their own courage pushed aside fear and struck out to save those in need. They will never be forgotten.

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