Guns and Knives, Merely Tools

Before you jump to gun-control conclusions about the tragedies that occurred this last week, one in Oregon, the other in Connecticut, understand that guns are merely a tool. Much like a knife, like the one in the hands of Min Yingjun. Who attacked 22 children in Chenpeng Village’s Wanquan Elementary School today:

Chenpeng Village’s Wanquan Elementary School, Min YingjunA man with a knife slashed 22 children and one adult outside an elementary school in Henan province Friday morning, China’s worst such incident in more than a year.

The attack was reminiscent of a spate of knife attacks on schoolchildren that took place across China in 2010. In most cases, the attackers were unemployed middle-aged men, leading to speculation that the assaults stemmed from economic and social discontent.

Friday’s attack occurred at about 7:40 a.m. as children were arriving outside the gate of Chenpeng Village’s Wanquan Elementary School. The suspect, Min Yingjun, 36, allegedly slashed an elderly woman as well as the children. Local propaganda officials said later that Min had a psychological illness.

Ah yes, the commonality between all three is mental illness. Any tool in the hands of the deranged is dangerous. A car, a shovel, a knife, a hammer, a gun, a candlestick.

8 thoughts on “Guns and Knives, Merely Tools”

  1. Excellent point N1, and I cannot fathom one who could hurt a child, much less kill 18 of them… My thoughts and prayers go out to the families.

  2. Connecticut has been my home for many years…some family and friends still reside there…and it’s a like a family….there are few residents of one of the smallest states in the union..what a terrible thing to occur before Christmas; or at any time…my mother and I were traveling to Maine a few years ago in July when two men kidnapped the Pettit family of Cheshire, CT and later murdered the mother, her two children and assaulted the father, Dr. Pettit…they set fire to the house to cover up their crime…today twenty very young children were never allowed to grow up and six adults lives were cut short as well….who could do such a thing??….k

  3. Old NFO: Ah yes, yes. Bless those the poor folks caught in the crossfire of these idiots. Thanks for reminding me. . .
    Kris: My blood boils when I read of the Petit family. Those pos’s were worse than animals. They should have shot the perps ten minutes after they found them guilty.

  4. I know the grandfather to two of the babies killed in the OKC bombing. I believe that mass killing was done with a truck and fertilizer. We live in a dangerous world where crazy people do crazy things. As a teacher, I often felt rather exposed (is that the word?) . There is very little to no protection in most schools. You should keep in mind that when a kid has been in trouble (sometimes pretty serious trouble) part of the sentencing or parole will be to keep that kid in school. Yep, you have convicts sitting next to your precious children.

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