9 thoughts on “Bar Code of Conduct”

  1. What a thought, CP….a hundred years from now, I would imagine everyone will have a bar code identifying those who dwell in caskets…..everyone a number both in life and death….how Orwellian….k

  2. I knew a marine who had his official number as well as his blood group authentically tattooed as a bar code under the top of his left arm. Under his other arm he had the same, but in plain numbers & writing.

    I asked him why? He said before he joined the Royal Marines he worked the night shift in a large supermarket; his job was to go around the shelves bar coding stock for out of date products (night after night after night).

    His ‘ink’ was a reminder of his past life of which he would never to return to; a reminder that was there after every time he showered and sprayed deodorant (a clean-mean-royal marine showers ‘thrice’ times daily as a minimum)!

    One early morning as he was leaving work he bumped into an old school friend who was on his way to the RM/RN careers office; he tagged along and the rest is history.

    Yours Aye.

  3. You know those striped wool blankets that fur traders used to trade to the Indians in the North West? Well, At Heritage Park in Calgary, Canada, one of the guides to the park told us that the fur traders wove in lines similar to bar-codes to show the cost of the blanket. Maybe Mr. Woodland was not the originator, but the one who got the credit.

    1. Lou,

      So when the same blankets were in the sales at 50% discount; they just cut them in half?


      1. Lou: I’ve had my eye on one of those wooly beauties for some time. I am trying to amass the necessary wampum to purchase it.
        EB: Haha!

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