No surprise that American hero Sgt. Rafael Peralta’s Navy Cross was not upgraded to a MOH. (Even though the SecNav recommended it.) Washington DC and politics carry precedence over anything honorable. I won’t mention voting blocks and future elections. No, I think I’ll go read Navy SEAL Cade Courtley’s new book, Seal Survival Guide: A Navy SEAL’s Secrets to Surviving Any Disaster.

5 thoughts on “No MOH for SGT RP”

  1. I just finished tonight Sal Giunta’s book “Living With Honor a Memoir.” He is an awesome young man and vows to keep his buddies in his squad and company’s names know as much as his. It is a shame that Sgt Peralts’s NC was not updated to the MOH, but, as you said, politics plays a big part.

  2. We (serving & ex military) over this side of the pond are faring a little better of late, which is down to the fact that our politicians have a good mix of ex military members (a fair few ex Special Forces) who know the score.

    Professional politicians who leave university and move straight into the game of politics are not worth a lick. They have no comprehension of what real people have to do just to get through the day. They certainly have no comprehension as to how a business is run.

    Union leaders who enter through the Labour party’s back door are the most despicable Politicians we have.

    Fortunately our top military staff have a heavy hand in the swaying of medals. It is also handy that we have a Royal household packed to the gunwales with serving/ex military who are able to whisper in to certain Royal ears…

    Washington DC and certain politicians should hang their heads in shame over the handling and status concerning Sergeant Rafael Peralta.

    Yours Aye.

    1. I am glad to hear that the politicians over there are aware of how the military conducts business. I can’t say the same for over here, but our situation is improving. For some time, our politicians had few veterans among them. I generally avoid conspiracy theories and lean towards Occam’s razor to explain matters. But in this one, I feel hands behind the scene working to not support this brave man’s actions. (Lord forbid that we should offer a particular voting block a traditional, “conservative” honor.)

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