Kanissa’a Thompson, You Better Move Outta ‘Tucky

Kanissa'a Thompson Dakota MeyerSGT Dakota Meyer, Medal of Honor recipient, is credited with saving 13 American and 23 Afghan soldiers’ lives in 2009. And some dude named Kanissa’a Thompson just sent him to the hospital. I may have only lived in Kentucky for a year of my life, but that don’t play in red America, Kanissa. You better call U-Haul, time to move it, move it.

16 thoughts on “Kanissa’a Thompson, You Better Move Outta ‘Tucky”

  1. Some ones life is going to become rather uncomfortable on dry land as well as within ‘ether-space’…

    Sadly todays 18 year olds act like yesteryears 13 year olds, which in my humblest of opinions is down to hours of ‘shoot-em-up-and-kill-em-all’ video games. In general these kids do not hit mental puberty until they are around 26; even then they still require supervision from their parents.

    The exception to the rule is when they are part of the military and they understand the true value of discipline, one of life’s essential building blocks.

    Its Friday, rant over…. Out.

    Yours Aye.

    1. It may be that life is too easy for them. We have taken away the edge with modern living. For some kids, there is no advantage to becoming an adult. . .Sad. . .

    1. He looks as though life owes him some thing?

      The judge should have the capability of appointing a long jail sentence with the optional sentence of standing in Dakota’s old military boots for three years, with at least one trip in theatre…

      Alternatively; what goes around comes around.


  2. .5% of a 330 million American population protects the other 99.5% and garner’s no respect from the “Progressive” inculcated drones produced by our education & social systems. Sad thing is, we could post items like this

    “Marine double-amputee’s treatment on Delta flight angers other vets”


    every damned day!

    1. I used to be part of that .5 % and truly appreciate their efforts…but now I am quite knowledgable that we are not honoring them enough with the current ‘political’ situation….I actually don’t feel safe any longer…and that is perhaps the saddest commentary of all….we need to stand together now of all times …the last four years have been horrible and the next four will be worse…

  3. I’m surprised Kannissa’a Thompson was even allowed to walk away from the incident without being pummelled himself. I have a feeling this will turn bad for Dakota Meyer, though.

  4. The sad thing is this chump wanted to say “hey I kicked this hero’s ass How cool am I.” I hope Sgt Meyer got a for good hits on the guy, but it looks like not enough. I hope that someone has a loud and violent word with this guy.

  5. Although I will applaud and hand salute him for what he did in combat, I’m not a big Dakota Mayer fan. His handlers charges too much for his appearances and he just doesn’t show the respect for the MOH as I have seen in others. He needs to study Sal Giunta for proper educate.

    1. He volunatirly served his country & won the highest honor in that nation’s power to give. He owes nobody nothin’.

      1. The problem is, so many do stuff like that all the time and may get a bronze star or silver star. But the MOH is mostly political. I have just as much respect for the grunts who go outside the wire everyday and do the hard stuff as I do Sal or Dakota. My observation is how he carries himself when he comes back. He could learn something from Sal.

        1. No doubt, medals are a chain of arbitrary decisions up the military bureaucratic ladder. My previous statement applies to any combat veteran from the caves to Kabul. Our duty has been done. Honorably.

  6. c1kabar: I was surprised about that too. And I hope you are wrong about SGT Meyer, but I suspect you may be right. . .
    mark: I don’t see this guy making it out unscathed. Although, in all fairness to him, the facts of the case have not come out. I do, however, tend to believe the MOH recipient though.
    CP: Hmm, this is a first heard for me. I know nothing of his public appearances. Sad news.

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