Congratulations Camp Zama Army Team

Soldiers, you guys have had a rough eleven years what with the Army-Navy game. Despair not. Your Camp Zama Army team beat the Naval Air Facility Atsugi flag football team, 7-6. Congratulations and all that. . . Go Army, Beat Navy (flag football)!

4 thoughts on “Congratulations Camp Zama Army Team”

  1. That just shows the character of our Navy personal. Giving them the game to help them feel better. Sometimes the superior force will give small victories to help keep the moral up.

  2. I was stationed @ Iwakuni and once spent a broke R&R at Zama. Back then Atsugi were all squid scopewatchers. The Army always had a bigger pool to draw from than the Navy/Marines. Still… I once a knew an exquisite Japanese woman @ Atsugi but – that’s another story.

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