Brian Rice, Navy Sailor

Brian Rice, Geneva University
Brian Rice

I love this, that Brian Rice spent 24.5 years in the Navy as an IT Senior Chief (ITCS) and now he is playing college basketball at NCAA Division III Geneva College Golden Tornadoes.

I am guessing Brian is a Senior Chief, because High-Year-Tenure, HYT, for a Chief is 24 years. And he did more time than that. Of course, he could’ve been a Master Chief, but writers usually would think to include that. Still, getting to Senior Chief is a heckuva career. Go Golden Tomatoes Tornadoes! (Dayum, now what is that all about? I throw down a nice write-up ’bout the Senior Chief and now I gotta do his team like that. I’ll go extra hard in tomorrow’s zero five (0500) pt. I owe the Golden Tornadoes that much!)

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  1. Gotta hand it to him; even though he got slightly sidetracked on his way to college, he chose another path to a rewarding and successful career….so he can enjoy this ride on to his next effort at more success in his older adult years….it looks like the Senior Chief loved what he did and stayed to enjoy the benefits….and this is what America’s all about; good for him….and he did well….k

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