Photoshop Detecting Tool

This Post Is Photoshopped

Picture forensics specialist Hany Farid of Dartmouth University has invented (designed?) a mechanism to determine if pictures have been photoshopped.

Photoshop Detecting Tool
Photoshop Detecting Tool

It does not have a name, but Hany refers to the capability as the photoshop detecting tool.

5 thoughts on “This Post Is Photoshopped”

  1. How about calling it; Honest-Eye?

    It will certainly bring some truth back into the world of fantasy that the ‘net’ has created. (It will also bring some wanabe ‘celebs’ crashing down to earth).

    Slightly off track;
    I visited my favourite coffee shop a couple of days ago for a spot of early breakfast, as usual I chatted with the ‘very’ attractive ‘Barista’ (daughter of the owner). I could not take my eyes of her as she resembled Donald Duck’s girlfriend ‘Daisy’! Her face also appeared frozen; in fact the only thing moving were her eyes?

    After my divine morning feast I ordered more coffee, which was brought over by her father ‘Fat Ted’ who I have known for over 30 years. (Ted is 6′ 4″, with a lean & mean frame; there is more meat on a jockeys whip)!

    I had to ask ask the question of “what has she done”? He rolled his eyes and explained it was the result of ‘beauty therapy’ botox jabs, but she had reacted badly to it, a BIG mistake not to be repeated, after 2 weeks she would be back to normal…

    She is 25 years old!!! Prior to the jabs she was the most stunning girl, articulate and well educated (English Lit ‘firsts’ with honours).

    Fat Ted (as only Fat Ted could) then went on to say how he had printed a picture of ‘Sly Stallones’ Mum and stuck it on the fridge door at their home, as a reminder of what such treatments bring.

    As I left I waved good bye to ‘Daisy’ and whispered into my mates ear; “you should go one better and re-name the place Loony-Tunes”. I was out of the door and gone before it sunk in…

    Yours ‘Eye’

      1. Hey, it is a picture of duck-lips! I find this “choice” of body mangling (like your buddy’s daughter did to herself) to be insane. I don’t personally find it attractive in the least. . .

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