The Muslim Writers Awards?

Muslim Writers AwardsHmm, here is a new one. In the UK, there are some writing awards called the Muslim Writers Awards. The downlow: Muslim Writers Awards was founded in 2006 to harness creative talent and nurture aspiring writers within the Muslim community. Since its inception it has grown to become a landmark calendar event in the Muslim writers’ calendar, and attracts support from a broad range of organisations in the UK.

Interesting. Care to hear to who was nominated last year? These guys and gals:

  • Published Novel
    Roopa Farooki – Half Life (Macmillan, PanMacmillan)
    Aamer Hussein – The Cloud Messenger (Telegram)
    Shahriar Mandanipour – Censoring an Iranian Love Story (Abacus, Little, Brown Book Group)
    Bahaa Taher – Sunset Oasis (Sceptre, Hodder and Stoughton)
    Farahad Zama – The Wedding Wallah (Abacus, Little, Brown Book Group)
  • Published Children’s Book
    Randa Abdel- Fattah – The Friendship Matchmaker (Omnibus Books, Scholastic)
    Na’ima B Robert – Far From Home (Frances Lincoln Children’s Books, Janetta Otter-Barry Books)
    Rukhsana Khan – Wanting Mor (Groundwood)
    Irfan Master – A Beautiful Lie (Bloomsbury)
    Anna Perera – Guantanamo Boy (Puffin)
  • Unpublished Novel
    Salma Bratt – Moroccan Tales of Love and Disaster
    Jessica Freeland – The Other Garden
    Ayshah Johnston – Scattered Pearls
    Ahmed Masoud – Gaza Days
    Yusuf Misdaq – Narayan
  • Unpublished Children’s Story
    Loay El Hady – Flutterby
    Muhammad Islam – Zayd and the Papyrus of Damascus
    Reba Khatun – The Case of the Disappearing Pets
    Wendy Meddour – A Hen in the Wardrobe
    Mehded Sinclair – When Wings Expand
  • Unpublished Short Story
    Shahnaz Ahsan – Mother
    Tam Hussain – Little Flecks of Silver
    Sahin Kathawala – Malison Orison
    Lori Zakariyya King – Series Two, Episode Fourteen
    Hanzla Arif MacDonald – Sketches of Early Adult Life
    Daniel Oliver – Strange Marriage
  • Unpublished Poetry
    Safina Akram – Alas How I Miss My Sleep, and others
    Saleha Begum – Shadows in Harlequin Masks
    Thomas Evans – Beard is Beautiful, and others
    Lori Zakariyya King – Kitchen Set Libel, and others
    Shamim Razaq – To Keats, and others
  • Stage and Screen Play
    Malik Basso – Somewhere Near You
    Conor Ibrahiem – Yours Faithfully
    Qaisra Shahraz – The Holy Woman
    Faisal Qureshi – The Footsoldier
  • Young Journalist (16-25)
    Saman Anwar – Meddling in Marrakech, and others
    Siraj Datoo – Ethnic Profiling, and others
    Nabila Idris – A Story from Bangladesh: Licensed to Steal!
    Tasnim Nazeer – Amnesty International Report 2010, and others
    Iman Qureshi – Why Are All Pakistani Men being Smeared in the Sex-Grooming Cases?, and others

Never heard of any of them.

5 thoughts on “The Muslim Writers Awards?”

  1. Having perused the authors as well as their contribution’s to the Islamic world; I can honestly say that I have no idea who they are, nor had I heard of the Muslim Writers Awards. I have no doubt that a search of my humble book collection would reveal ‘not-one-return.
    Though I am tempted to look up the attempt by ‘Iman Qureshi’ – Why Are All Pakistani Men being Smeared in the Sex-Grooming?

    This is a question that requires an answer from the most senior Government Minister; I have my thoughts on the issue, clues can be found in the Nobal Quran under the heading “treat women like dogs & treat non muslim women like pigs”

    Yours Aye.

  2. This has been in the public arena in the UK for six years? Considering all the events swirling in and around the UK with Islam and Muslims, I’m surprised more people aren’t aware of it….it’s been a long time since I’ve been there, but this seems to have surfaced after the 9-11 World Trade Center attack and probably because of it…it’s time to re-educate the world as to what Islam and Muslims are…and it isn’t pretty and it isn’t a ‘religion of peace’….it’s well past time let everyone know where those who are brave enough to combat it, stand…I’m just not into submission….k

  3. EB: That Why Are All Pakistani Men being Smeared in the Sex-Grooming? caught my eye too. Although if I were writing it, I would take out the smearing part. . .
    Kris: I am surprised it is not well known. It is a first heard for me too.

  4. Catch the categories? “Unpublished Novel. Unpublished Children’s Story. Unpublished Short Story. Unpublished Poetry.”

    Big market for Islamic Fiction & Poetry huh?

    “Publish or perish.” (Inshallah).

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