AlterNet Attacks the Military

The military has 234 golf courses and 963 generals and admirals. I am not drawing a comparison between these two facts, but they are among several in this disdainful article in Salon on the military. Wait, according to this, AlterNet is funded by good old George Soros. Umm, ax meet grinder. My experience with the military, with the occasional exception, is that the folks, from the top commander to an E-1, have a feeling of less entitlement than many in society.

4 thoughts on “AlterNet Attacks the Military”

  1. Considering Komrade Kommandante’s continued & sustained Stalinist purge of the American Officer Corps, I’m surprised there’s still that many Flags in existence. Or, are they (like Komrade Kommandante himself), Affirmitive Action benificiaries? It seems the only requisite to serve on the JCS anymore is the ability to say ‘Yes, Sir!” to anything proffered by the C-in-C.

  2. I’m sure they’re a few flags out there….in order to survive however, you need to keep your powder dry…or you’ll just be blown away….there is one other positive benefit of all of this, as I see it: should the current Oval Office Occupant demand the American military take up arms against the American people (and I’ve seen some pretty frightening documentation on that…against military veterans and Tea Party types), it won’t happen….not only because it’s illegal and unconstitutional, but also because whoever’s left doesn’t have the stones to do it… these are scary times we live in…..k

    1. Wish I could share the faith but I hear voices. “We have no compassion and we ask no compassion from you. When our turn comes, we shall not make excuses for the terror.”
      – Karl Marx

  3. Kris: These certainly are some interesting times. I heard that was a Chinese curse, to live in interesting times. . .
    Struan: Great quote from ol’ Groucho there.

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