I Met Dave Hester!

Dave Hester, Storage Wars
Dave Hester, Storage Wars

I forgot to share this San Diego tidbit from last week. When at my first swap meet in years (where some friends were selling some ceramic goods), I met Dave Hester from Storage Wars.

There he was, on Sports Arena Blvd in San Diego, with a stall at the swap meet. He was hawking shirts, hats, and stickers with Yuuup on them. He also had old junk, presumably from storage lockers, out for a dollar. And folks were buying it!

I told him I liked him on the show and that we argued in my office about the other chowderheads. Like Jarrod and Brandi, both of whom I find annoying. (But the Senior Chief, who I work with, likes. . .)

Dave said something very interesting: If you love me, I am in your heart. And if you don’t love me, I am in your mind. And I win either way. Good quote.

I asked him if the show was coming back and he said its season premiere was in a couple of days. Of course, he did not mention the massive lawsuit he was in with the producers:

“Storage Wars” may have a real war brewing with one of its stars.

Dave Hester, a former cast member, has filed a lawsuit against the show, according to RadarOnline.

In the lawsuit, Hester is claiming the series is fake, and he says when he made complaints to the network about the staged portions of the show he was fired, Radar reported.

Dave Hester, Barry Weiss, Brandi Passante, and Jarrod Schulz
Dave Hester, Barry Weiss, Brandi Passante, and Jarrod Schulz

The popular A&E reality show follows auctioneers and buyers as they bid on various storage units blindly and then raid their purchases in hopes of finding treasures. According to Radar, Hester claims show producers plant valuable items in the units to presumably make the show more interesting.

The suit also claims the show rigs the bidding process. In one part of Hester’s suit, he goes so far as to say the network paid for one female cast member’s plastic surgery to increase her sex appeal and make her more appealing to viewers.

Good luck, Dave, in everything you do. I know your business will be successful. . .

7 thoughts on “I Met Dave Hester!”

  1. Years back, an Air Force pilot friend of ours emailed that he was going to be featured in a televised White Flag event (operation, game, whatever the term is??) and to be sure and watch The History Channel for the episode. Then we received an email saying that the TV folk had bumped him and replaced him with a female pilot to make things more interesting, but to still watch the episode. The day after we all watched The History Channel – War Games with planes flying over the Idaho desert trying to shoot each other, we received another email from our pilot friend. He told us the whole episode had been faked – the games had never taken place. The TV folk had used plane footage from where ever and pieced it together making up a story/war game. They showed a picture of one of the supposed pilots, who actually was an Air Force mechanic.

    It made me feel like a kid who found out Santa was not real. Now I believe nothing on TV or movies.

  2. I have said this repeatedly…you cannot have reality when you put someone or a naturally occurring event in front of a camera….it’s become more obvious nothing they do in these programs is anything other than orchestrated and far from reality….disappointed?? I’m not…it was bound to happen…what does anyone expect? It’s all a fake….k

  3. Lou: Very interesting. Your Air Force buddy was not interesting enough to get on. Not that he was not interesting, but he did not fit the “identity.”
    Kris: I think a lot of it is phony. Enjoyable at times, but fake.
    CTT: RGR, stay close to your computer. Heading to “Now and Then” in Tustin. . .

  4. Well I love the show, but have always had some doubts as to how all of them find something of major value in every locker in almost every episode. I live a couple blocks down from now and then and have gone in a few times, the only time I’ve seen Jarrod and Brandi there is there cardboard cut out, it has become more of a shop for the outlaw clothing brand. Was very disappointed in there selection considering everything that they get in the lockers, the three or four other thrift stores that are very close

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