How to Find a Girlfriend Near a Navy Base

Marc Paskin is a millionaire who put up a billboard in San Diego along Interstate 5 and 28th Street. Literally, the sign was right around the corner from the 32nd Street Naval Base in a dumpy neighborhood called Barrio Logan. Marc was looking to spruce up his love life and he thought that advertising near the freeway would be a successful way to find a Latina girlfriend. Good luck, shipmate, you might just end up with a Latina Sailor. Or a hoodlum.

6 thoughts on “How to Find a Girlfriend Near a Navy Base”

  1. It just doesn’t seem right, not really the way nature intended…

    If this chap seeks the experience of being torn to pieces by an alimony lawyer and wishes to lose the clothes he’s stands up in; why not experiment first by kicking a latino owned Pit Bull up the back-side.

    The result will be almost similar, and he doesn’t have to suffer the misery of an awful ‘ear pounding’ in the way that only excited female latinos can give.

    He would certainly not wish to repeat the experience, and it will save him his fortune as well the shirt on his back?

    Just a passing thought.

    Yours Aye

  2. A man i s a millionaire and lives in San Diego and he has to advertise for a girlfriend? Let me guess, he inherited the money. Something is wrong with this guy and if I were a woman I would run screaming.

  3. It’s always been my contention, Navy One, we live in a world that provides us with way too much information….no one asked for it, no one wants it and we would all be satisfied with so much less ….why not just insist on not knowing anything except the basics??..I find I don’t want this continuing onslaught of too much information….do you???….the sad fact is, once you disgorge everything, what else is there? You can’t undo what’s already been done; you never can get rid of something that will always be there for all to see…so what do you do?? I find disappearing into the woodwork is a good ploy and a well-practiced feat of legerdemain often going unnoticed by the majority of participants….works for me….or just not saying anything to start off with….k

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