What Is Morning Star Doing in Afghanistan?

Dr. Dilip Joseph works for the Colorado Springs-based Morning Star Development as a volunteer doctor in Afghanistan. His organization has an interesting mission statement:

Morning Star Development brings hope and opportunity to people in need in the developing world using sustainable economic and community development initiatives designed to empower individuals and transform communities.

Morning Star Development is a non-profit community and economic development organization committed to helping the people of Afghanistan rebuild their country and their lives by offering practical hope and resources. We focus on bringing transformational change to the people of Afghanistan through sustainable economic and community development initiatives.

Unfortunately, Dr. Joseph was kidnapped by the Taliban. And in the rescue, a SEAL Team 6 member, SO1 Nicolas D. Checque, 28, of Monroeville, Pa., was killed. My question, who okay’ed Morning Star Development working in Afghanistan? Are they accompanied by Soldiers or Marines (or the marginally useful/useless Afghani Police) for protection? Are they operating in areas rich with Taliban? I am all for helping Afghanis, just not at the expense of our Sailors. . .

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  1. It sounds like this was a community organization from the US…with the support of our ‘community organizer’ president, Navy One…sad to say sometimes sending people like this doctor or some other social worker type into a risky environment gives this type of result…my random thought: maybe they should have sent Barack Obama there …that’s his forte, isn’t it??? k

  2. Morning Star Development;
    “Visit Afghanistan.
    Short-term teams are essential to the life and health of Morning Star Development. Many short-term teams see the abundant needs and opportunities – challenges that lead some of them to return as long-term workers.
    Their work in our projects has a measurable impact on the people we serve, and is a great encouragement to our staff. *We maintain a Team House in Kabul to welcome and host these short term teams in a comfortable and safe environment”.
    End Quote.

    * A safe house as well as a safe environment is only that when it has the requisite security wrapped around its working routine. Westerners traveling to and from such locations are high risk statistics, the same people place others at risk when they become detached from reality and require rescue!


    I do understand how certain ‘professional’ people wish to assist those in need. I do understand their frustration when they feel their own (home) government could do more to assist NGO’s ‘in country’… But not one more service persons life should be put at risk to protect western NGO’s. FULL STOP.

    The writing is on the wall for Afghanistan; the sticking plaster that covers the countries puss infested sores and wounds will be torn off as soon as the Western military pull out.
    Karsi and his senior henchmen have already got their next ‘retirement’ country lined up and paid for. Their crash bags are packed and they will stash the remainder of the cash in their pockets as they head for the exit!
    The Taliban hoards will come over the hill just as the last of the ‘fast jets’ leave; afghanistan will be returned to its normal medieval service, and life will go on as dictated by the teachings from The Nobal Qur’an.
    Future journalistic photographs will show the old soviet rusting tank hulks, accompanied by shiny western stock waiting for nature to turn them the same artistically sand blasted colour.

    Pakistan has decreed it so.


    MSD would do far better to look closer to home and assist those who are still suffering from the storms of years (and months) gone by.

    The same does apply over here in the UK, we have inner cities that require ‘shell dressings’ as the sticking plasters issued by the last left wing government fell of years ago.

    Yours Aye.

  3. Kris and EB: You know, I wrote this and thought to myself: boy, I have no heart. Here are these doctors going out of their way to assist in helping poor people in a miserable place and I go and bash them. All because I am angry that we lost one of your young warriors. But there is something blind and stupid in this. Kris, you talk community organizing and EB, you talk of NGOs going to foreign lands to help when they could assist locally. And I agree with you both. Why place yourself at such risk for people who refuse to help themselves?

  4. There are people all over the world that need help. Going to an area where we are at war seems rather stupid. Clearly this stupidity caused the death of the Seal. Maybe I’m heartless too.

  5. I would look into who and what is morning star DEVELOPMENT! Development of what and what kind of development? Research,research my friends. You will find corporate america there. All you see on the news isn’t what it seems. So befor you get all in a frenzy of false patriotism,RESEARCH!

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