Jihad Jane of the Jungle

Every day, I get about a hundred hits from folks searching for information on jihadis. Often it is on specific mujahideen. Or countries with known jihadis.

I certainly would not want to disappoint any readers, so today’s featured jihadi is Colleen LaRose (Jihad Jane as she was known on YouTube.) Whose story bears striking resemblance to Jamie Paulin Ramirez’s.

5 thoughts on “Jihad Jane of the Jungle”

  1. Sounds like these women were looking for love in all the wrong places.

    When my husband and I were first married we lived in the married housing at a college in Texas. Our neighbors were a young couple – the guy from Iran and the girl from Columbia. They were a bit snobby – looking down their noses on Americans although they had both come to the USA for college. I often wondered how her life turned out married to a Muslim – especially if they moved back to Iran. It was the late 70’s just after the Shah thing.

  2. POSH (Port Out: Starboard Home).

    The well heeled in life would book cabins using POSH on their pay order and booking slip, which entitled them to absorb sunlight on each way of their journey. Not for them to arise in the shade of sunrise. POSH cabins were almost twice the price than those of ‘standard’.

    POSH labels would be attached to heavy baggage prior to embarkation. The label was viewed as a sign of wealth as well as snobbery as all booking slips for meals etc were typed with POSH; enabling such people higher standing over First Class passengers.

    Snobbery is a superficial factor suffered by fools.

    I will tell you a couple of cracking tales one day…

    Yours Aye.

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