EU Wins Nobel?

Am I reading this right: The European Union collected this year’s prestigious Nobel Peace Prize for uniting the continent after two World Wars. So much for Malala and all her work. The frickin’ EU won. Amazing. . .

7 thoughts on “EU Wins Nobel?”

  1. See, the thing (problem) with the Peace prize is that Norwegian politicians are responsible for awarding it, so they use it as a good will thing when they award it. Currently it’d look better for their careers to praise the EU than give it to Malala.

  2. The stench of rotten european politics fills the air. The ‘Nobel Peace Prize no longer holds any credibility what so ever.

    Nigel Farage (United Kingdom Independent Party) is now the man, as well as the political party to watch.

    He gets my vote from here on in.

    Yours Aye.

  3. Mark: It is rotten. A business decision, rather than a real award.
    EB: Heading over to Google to look up Nigel Farage. (Ten minutes later: Interesting. He wants to pull out of the EU and put England’s interests over those of the Union. I don’t blame him. And he is against bailouts. I agree.)

  4. I’d like to say I’m surprised, but to be honest, the prize hasn’t been worth a pitcher of warm spit for over a decade. It’s become a reward for demagogues and dictators and a way to put a finger in the eye of people they don’t like.

  5. EB: Very good article. I like folks who are reticent to join political parties and do so only for great conviction.
    DB: Warm spit? No thanks!

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