White House Petition: Help Bring Jon Hammar Home

A reader (signing in as) from the sheepdogreport.com commented on the Jon Hammar post (about the Marine stuck in Mexico) to share that the White House has a petition up on this issue. Please sign it if you are so moved. . .

4 thoughts on “White House Petition: Help Bring Jon Hammar Home”

  1. I do hope that they are able to get him home. It sounds like not a nice place in that prison. Maybe we should send some of our criminals there to learn how prison should be.

  2. With ’em in spirit, but…

    Couple the ineffectiveness of our govt. with the corruption of the Mexican govt. and nothing is going to happen anytime soon. If we really want to set Hammar free, get a bunch of people to kick in around $10 each. Once the pot reaches two or three thousand dollars give it to a bag man to take down south and grease the right palms. I guarantee Mr. Hammar will be on the next bus out of there.

    1. You might be on to something. What are you doing Weds and Thurs? Better question: do you have a fast car and an up-to-date passport?

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