Jonathan Kimble is THE Mountaineer

Jonathan Kimble, WVU’s Mountaineer

Jonathan Kimble is the mascot for the West Virginia University’s (WVU’s) Mountaineers. As part of his job, he is given an old-school musket. And apparently, he hunts with the thing. You can take a boy out of the mountains, you can’t take the mountains out of the boy. The university is not pleased that Jonathan is out poking around the hillsides, looking for moose, elk, and bear. . .

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    1. I am sorry to say that I had to look up Jeremiah Jonathan.

      According to wikipedia: Jonathan Jeremiah (Londen, 1982) is een Britse soul-folkzanger en componist. eremiah haalde zijn muzikale inspiratie en invloeden vooral uit zijn vaders platenkast waarin veel jarenzestigmuziek was te vinden, van artiesten als Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Scott Walker. Op zijn twintigste vertrok Jeremiah naar de Verenigde Staten waar hij veel inspiratie vond voor het schrijven van nummers, wat zou resulteren in het album A Solitary Man, het duurde echter nog acht jaar voordat hij genoeg geld had om het voorgenoemde album op te nemen. In 2010 kwam deze plaat tot stand in de Dollis Hills studio onder productie en arrangement van Jules Buckley. Zijn stem heeft een lichte bariton-klank met soul-en folk-invloeden en doet denken aan een jonge Roger Whittaker en Burt Bacharach.

      Needless to write, I am still in the dark about JJ. . .

      1. Sorry, my JJ thang was confusing. I did mean “Jeremiah Johnson.” When that movie came out in the 70’s, my brother must have watched it a hundred times. Since we lived in the mountain town of Red River, NM, we referred to people who loved the backwoods as Jeremiah whoever…We called my brother, Jeremiah Jes. It was a great movie.

  1. I don’t know what the hell you said, N1, but I don’t have a problem with the school telling him to not use the gun anymore. It IS their property. And if he were to accidentally shoot himself in the foot or someone else, they could/would be libel. And did Lou mean the fictional character, Jeremiah Johnson? I’, so confused…gonna go sit down and drink a beer before I get a headache.

    1. Ah, Jeremiah Johnson! That makes more sense. . . And you are right, in that it is their property. But I’ll bet they’ve been hunting with that gun for years. . .

  2. Aren’t we all a bit surprised an academic institution would give someone a loaded gun that would work?? I mean really, what could they have possibly been thinking?? The guy sounds like a flake actually…enjoying his fifteen minutes of fame….k

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