An Active-Duty Eagle Protects Her Military

Lil Chantilly, of Heels and Handguns, is often on the prowl with her eagle-eyed vision, looking for folks with no common-sense when it comes to treating the military properly. And she found an article on a major no-no, in (of all places) Old Navy:

Aaron Bennett’s beef with Old Navy

Army veteran Aaron Bennett says he was banned from an Old Navy store in Jacksonville, Florida, after he pointed out a teen employee improperly wearing a Marine Corps uniform dress jacket complete with rank insignia, ribbons and a weapons badge, reported Wednesday.

Bennett, who comes from a military family, knows that United States Code makes it illegal “to falsely represent oneself as having received any U.S. military decoration or medal.” The law making that illegal is known as the Stolen Valor Act.

One customer, Tacinta Connor, was quoted as saying she was no longer going to shop at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, or Piperlime. That won’t be a problem for me. I never ventured into those places anyway.

5 thoughts on “An Active-Duty Eagle Protects Her Military”

  1. Thanks for sharing this NavyOne – I was all kinds of fired up about it earlier today! I generally do believe this was a case of an uneducated, under-experienced store manager’s poor judgment. I am not going to boycott Old Navy or anything (They do have cheap cute kid clothes), but maybe this story will educate others, and minimize this type of occurrence in the future.

  2. The manager needs taking to one side to receive a ‘gypsies whisper’ from some one above!

    The jacket, rank insignia, ribbons and weapons badge have all been earned through blood guts and determination. Its bad form when a potential customer has to point out the issue, its also disrespectful to the uniform as well as the Corps it belongs to when the manager takes issue with the customer and finds him at fault?

    As Lil C said; perhaps education is required throughout the store to block & stop it reoccurring.

    Yours Aye.

  3. It’s a rather common occurrence though when you think on it…I know that any young person who wears a uniform item of a military member probably doesn’t know they shouldn’t but does it out of ignorance…if they had the respect and knowledge, they wouldn’t do it…but in today’s society and culture, you get a boatload of disrespect if you point it out…I’m not as familiar as I should be with this but I would refrain at all costs engaging in something that constitutes illegal wearing of a uniform of our military and indicates a lack of knowledge and disrespect….this society knows nothing about customs and protocol as many have stated on various occasions….it’s a sad commentary to be avoided in most cases because of the resentment engendered….k

  4. Lil C: I feel your pain. It is frustrating.
    Lou: I do see him/her getting fired.
    EB: Gypsies’ whisper. I like that. The manager needs to hear an earful.
    Kris: It is becoming more common. . .

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