Get Jon Hammar Out of Jail!

A Marine (an Iraq and Afghanistan vet) named Jon Hammar is locked in a Matamoros prison in Mexico. His crime was transporting a shotgun the American authorities okayed:

Jon Hammar in a Matamoros prison.

As a U.S. Marine, Jon Hammar endured nightmarish tension patrolling the war-ravaged streets of Iraq’s Fallujah. When he came home, the brutality of war still pinging around his brain, mental peace proved elusive.

Surfing provided the only respite.

“The only time Hammar is not losing his mind is when he’s on the water,” said a fellow Marine veteran, Ian McDonough.

Hammar and McDonough devised a plan: They’d buy a used motor home, load on the surfboards and drive from the Miami area to Costa Rica to find “someplace to be left alone, someplace far off the grid,” McDonough said.

They made it to only the Mexican border. Hammar is in a Matamoros prison, where he spends much of his time chained to a bed and facing death threats from gangsters. He’s off the grid, for sure, in walking distance of the U.S. border. But it’s more of a black hole than a place to heal a troubled soul.

The reason might seem ludicrous. Hammar took a six-decade-old shotgun into Mexico. The .410 bore Sears & Roebuck shotgun once belonged to his great-grandfather. The firearm had been handed down through the generations, and it had become almost a part of Hammar, suitable for shooting birds and rabbits.

This is political. The Mexican government trying to get theirs.

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  1. Well, you have to remember Navy One, the Mexican government is positively enraged over the Fast & Furious debacle and hundreds of Mexican citizens have died because of the American’s government’s (the Obama administration’s) involvement in it…despite the current administration’s denial, Mexico knows better…and as I recall and believe me I do, the DOJ (Eric Holder) was in Mexico at a function talking specifically about Fast and Furious early in the Obama administration’s beginnings before all of this occurred and it became a liability…he somehow has yet to explain that to everyone’s satisfaction…just because he hasn’t talked about and in fact avoids that at all costs doesn’t mean it hasn’t literally blown up in his face; and it surprises no one…it’s a leftist dream in attempting to eliminate our 2nd Amendment rights but at the end of the day, it didn’t work…so the fact that Eric Holder is still secure in his position is the amazing thing…and a miracle of its own…but it won’t last forever….I guarantee Mr. Holder’s going to get hammered over this eventually and the Mexican government is doing something to only point it out and taking it out on an innocent American citizen is sadly the case….this should be advertised far and wide…if only to embarrass our recalcitrant and lying administration….k

  2. From the story: “They said, ‘I have your son. We need money.’ ”

    If you are ever unfortunate enough to deal with Mexican cops or government agents, make sure you’re familiar with la mordida (literally, “the bite”). Between F&F backlash and corruption, just about every interaction with government agencies and employees involves paying some sort of ‘transaction fee’ (read: bribe). It’s not a question of if you’ll have to pay, it’s a question of how much.

    Hammar would have been much better off if his family had simply paid the money.

    It may not be right, but it’s how things are done down there.

    1. Actually, it was other prisoners who were trying to get the money, in exchange for not hurting Jon. Not the prison or government officials.

  3. Thanks for putting this out there.

    There is an online petition started
    There is an online petition started at
    Needs 20k+ signatures by Jan 6th.

    It would be cool to get him out by Christmas

  4. CenTexTim has it right; it is about money. 30 years ago, a group of Texas teachers were traveling in Mexico when they were involved in a horrible wreck. Several teachers were killed. The families had to pay and go through all sorts of anguish to get the bodies back. Our government is about useless when it comes to dealing with the Mexican officials.

  5. The rest of this conversation also deals with the reality of the Mexican drug cartels…the law enforcement agencies in Mexico are just as corrupt if not more so…this administration has no notion of how deal with that especially since they barely acknowledge their own corrupt machinations within government; and an administration originating in the Chicago ‘thug’ environment cannot and will not deal with the realities of a Mexican government even more corrupt and cutthroat than they are….nevertheless, I do feel great sympathy for the poor man who is being used as a pawn to get money out of America…after all, this administration is giving money hand over fist to terrorist organizations (Hamas & Hezbollah not to mention terrorist linked organizations like NIAC, ISNA and CAIR) and thinks nothing of it….in fact they enable these groups…they can’t take a little off the top to get a captured American citizen in Mexico his release? It’s a nasty business…but, you see this administration really doesn’t care about America, Americans or our military members and this is just proves it…the media isn’t talking about; the Obama administration is doing zip, zero, nada about it and that’s exactly where such things stand; without the publicity, this American will continue to rot in jail until someone decides to write about it and publicize it….k

  6. Sheepdog: Happy to help. This is very important.
    Lou: Argh. That story is heart-breaking.
    Kris: Please sign the petition. It is a good first step.

  7. I studied Medicine in Tampico FUHGETABOUTIT! NEVER going back! Total corruption and only those BORN rich are not poor! Remember the kid who smuggled a small amount of cocaine throught Mexico and was tortured for extortion money-escaped in a dress. Their “Midnight Express.”

    DONT vacation there

    Fuel alternatives needed (BIG non OPEC exporter)

    Legalize DRUGS

    Do NOT vacation there

    USe a Stinger missile on Mexicana planes if they dont let him go!! Killing AMerican vacationers is actually better. They are consorting with an ENEMY!!

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