Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football, Heisman Winner

Tonight is the 78th Heisman Trophy ceremony. In order the favorites are: Johnny Manziel, Manti Te’o, and Collin Klein. If Johnny wins, he will the first freshman to win the award. His stats are amazing:

Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football

Manziel burst onto the scene in the Aggies’ inaugural season in the SEC, finishing with 3,419 yards and 24 touchdowns though the air and 1,181 yards and 19 touchdowns on the ground. The diminutive “Johnny Football” was a perfect match for Kevin Sumlin’s offense, and the redshirt freshman broke the SEC total offense record on the way to a 10-2 season.

Good luck, John. Transfer to Berkeley, would’ja? We need a slinger like you.

5 thoughts on “Johnny Manziel, Johnny Football, Heisman Winner”

  1. CTT: I could hope!
    Old NFO: Texas always does well when it comes to football.
    Lou: Gig ’em, Ags! (I have no idea what “gig” means. But it sounds fun!)

    1. “Gig ‘em” is a term in frog hunting and in fishing, with “gig” meaning “spear.” (source)

      Pinky Downs, class of 1906 and a member of the Board of Regents from 1923 to 1933, is credited with the Gig ‘Em hand sign. At the 1930 Midnight Yell Practice before the football game with Texas Christian University, whose mascot is the Horned Frog, football game, Downs shouted out, “What are we going to do to those Horned Frogs?” Answering his own question, he replied, “Gig ‘Em, Aggies!” while making a fist with his thumb extended.

      More than you ever wanted to know…

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