Black Ivory Coffee

Over in the Golden Triangle, where Thailand touches Laos and Myanmar, there is a product being produced called Black Ivory Coffee. I will say no more.

8 thoughts on “Black Ivory Coffee”

  1. What amazes me is that there are people out there in ‘la~la celebrity land’ who will actually pay to drink it…

    I may go into business and feed my Staffordshire BT a handful this evening; see what happens tomorrow…

    There is an old Yorkshire saying “where there’s muck, there’s money”; (though I hail from County Durham my feet and those of ‘Joss’ are squarely based on Yorkshire soil).

    If successful, I will name my coffee product ‘dirty dog’, it sort of has a ring to it!

    “Excuse me barista two ‘small’ Yorkshire dirty dogs with milk, not cream”?

    Yep, that works, now I just have to find a way of stuffing them up Joss’s rear end one at a time! Or have I got that part wrong too?

    Yours Aye.

  2. Comes in a Dumbo cup – a double edged reference to both the source and end user. Oooh! Puns a-flyin’!

    1. Go Navy (Army Navy game almost on.)

      ^^^My attempt to post from my phone. Not easy with the little letters. I saw your Army reference (General Patton) and thought I would throw out a little Navy love. . .

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