For 113th Game, Navy Wins Again

Yikes: Vice President Joe Biden meets with Salvatore Giunta a recipient of the Medal of Honor, at the Army-Navy game.

So the Army hacked into the Navy (or some Admiral’s) email and sent out the below phony note, supposedly from Vice Admiral Michael H. Miller:

Vice Admiral Michael H. Miller
Dec 5
to goarmysinknavy, AllUSNA, USCC, BTD

In preparation for the humiliating defeat Army will be dealing to us in the near future, I have some guidance to pass down.

First: when we stage for march-on, we need to clean up our act. The internet has us pegged as dirty slobs– this year, we need to bring trash bags and clean up after ourselves. From what I understand, Army is embarrassed to even be associated with us.

Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds

Second: clean up the actual march-on. Please at least pretend to be in the military. Dress right dress, don’t talk at attention, etc. Seriously, this one is too easy.

Third: we need to have better accountability of our goats. This is also very embarrassing.

Fourth: when Army sings second, we will be respectful and professional.

Fifth: we need to be better at cyber.

Finally, I award you all with PMI (sleep ins) until Christmas. Maybe even a little longer, depending on how morale is going after Army defeats us on Saturday.
Go Army, Sink Navy!

Nice try, Army. The Navy still won, 13-17. Keenan Reynolds scored a late touchdown to give the Middies the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy and bragging rights to the 113th rivalry game. Next year, Army. . .

4 thoughts on “For 113th Game, Navy Wins Again”

  1. Hiding behind a true lead seems to be Biden’s roll in life. I’m not surprised to see him there instead of the CiC and the military academies ball game. He had rather spend $4mil on a vacation. I’m glad Navy won, but how many mistakes can either team make?

  2. Too bad the nominal CinC – barry o – couldn’t be bothered to attend the game featuring young men and women that have placed their country’s best interests ahead of their own. Instead, he sent that clown joe biden in his place while he did what … golfed … slept in … prepared for his upcoming lengthy vacation in Hawaii…?

    NavyOne, I understand and appreciate why you can’t comment on certain topics. Please allow me to be your proxy.

    As for the game itself, I was neutral. I’m proud of both squads, although my heart went out to Army QB Trent Steelman. I only hope that losing this game is the worst thing that ever happens to him in his military career.

    God Bless ’em all…

    1. I am proud of both sides too. Truly, I would not have been down if the Army pulled it out. But no charity. They have to earn it. . .

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