Ninety Year Old Vet Fires Back

Jay Leone is 90 years-old. He also is an ex-cop, a body-builder, and a World War Two veteran. And when 31 year-old Samuel Cutrufelli robbed his house and shot Jay in the face, Mr. Leone fired back. And hit the perp three times. Now poor Sammy thinks he can sue Jay. In a fair world, the vet would go free and the criminal would be in jail.

10 thoughts on “Ninety Year Old Vet Fires Back”

  1. We live in a strange and upside down world, Navy One….I have a feeling the 90-year old body builder will survive much better than the young burglar…he’s ninety? wow….he looks fabulous….and in good shape……k

    1. Cut Sam some slack, CP – he had been shot in the face with a.45. A fact that might have screwed up his front sight picture a tad.

      Q. Why is California like a box of Granola?
      A. ‘Cause what ain’t fruit or nut is flake.

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