Fly Me to the Moon

Golden Spike

If you have a spare billion-and-a-half dollars lying around and you want to go to the moon, you may want to consider the Golden Spike Company. Dr. S. Alan Stern’s company has assembled a team of experts to make your dreams come true.

Rubber chicken or salisbury steak during your moon trip is extra though. Do bring some pocket change. And please, no liquids over four ounces. (If you thought the TSA was tough when you flew to Tacoma. . .)

4 thoughts on “Fly Me to the Moon”

  1. Mount A *Lunar Expedition With Us… It’s The 21st Century.

    I thought it was spelled; i.e. *Lunatic?

    Paying for some one else’s flight of fantasy is not for me, so I will give this one a pass.

    Yours Aye.

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