Columbian Woman or a Sack of Bogota Potatoes?

For those who have not received the good word: do not lock your knees in formation. You will fall over like a sack of Idaho potatoes. Or a sack of Bogota potatoes, like a certain Columbian woman: 

A cadet lay on the grass after collapsing during a promotion ceremony at a police school in Bogota.

Her fellow female police officers better take her aside and give her the scoop.

8 thoughts on “Columbian Woman or a Sack of Bogota Potatoes?”

  1. Fainting is a fine art; no one, to my knowledge has ever fallen face first into the dirt or ground, as it were….usually and I have personal experience in this, you crumple where you are…there may be something hard you hit along the way, but not usually…I fainted my first day in college, attending a little talk in the dormitory basement and hit a fire extinguisher on the way down…I hurt my arm rather than my head…so it wasn’t a total loss…locking those knees is a problem….k

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