West Point Cadet Blake Page, No Rosa Parks

To compare ex-West Point Cadet Blake Page to Rosa Parks is utterly ridiculous. Mr. Page quit the USMA over an alleged promotion of prayers and religious activities and disrespect of nonreligious cadets. I hope he pays back the tax-payer for his education, considering he is not going to be serving active-duty. (Wow, nevermind. I just re-read the article. He will have no military commitment. Nor will he have to reimburse the country any money for college.) I’ll bet he just chickened out and wanted to get out of his military responsibility.

8 thoughts on “West Point Cadet Blake Page, No Rosa Parks”

  1. Odd he wasn’t fast-tracked. Seems to comport exactly with the Officer material Comrade Commandante seems to favor.

    1. No, N1, you most certainly do not. While I admit to the Enlisted man’s tradtional love-hate relationship with Officers, it has been my observation that Mustangs are the toughest & fairest Officers of all. Lewis B. Puller comes to mind. The best Officer I ever knew was CWO Emmanuel J. Kromis. The best Flag I ever knew was Waldemar Wendt, CNO Europe – a long time ago. May they RIP.

  2. Rosa Parks did not get off the bus; she toughed it out.

    Chances are the clinical depression and anxiety were the real problem here and maybe a bit of lunacy. Then he posts about discrimination and the Media picks up on how horrible Christians are..yada, yada, yada.

  3. I think you are right, he wanted the free top notch education, and at the last second, bails out. Does he still get a degree? If not he probably has a lot of transfer credits to go to another top notch school and get the paper from there.

    Now what would be funny and just deserts is no transferable credits and no degree. Ha ha!

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