Ping Pong Ears in Homs

Please, tell me I am wrong and these are not human ears hanging from strings around the ping-pong table of some Free Syrian Army fighters in Homs, Syria:

Free Syrian Army fighters play table tennis at the al-Khalidiya neighbourhood of Homs.

Friends, Syrians, Countrymen. . .

7 thoughts on “Ping Pong Ears in Homs”

  1. Should I be a little concerned?

    I have just looked outside of my bedroom window and every tree appears to have shriveled light brown ‘ears’ hanging from the branches? Even the six foot tall Beech hedge is strewn with ‘ears’, in fact they appear to be scattered every where along the drive?

    Speaking of ears…

    What do you call it when a blonde blows into another blondes ear?

    Data transfer!

    Yours Aye.

  2. Timmeehh: Good point, there is a curious lack of flies over there.
    EB: Hey, you are ruining it! (Wow, you certainly have a lot of ears in your neighborhood!)
    Lou: Hmmm, that I do not know. . .

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