A Fireman’s Carry for Non-Firemen

Invariably, being a bruiser, I get stuck with some large galoop when it comes to the fireman’s carry in Navy PT. Like poor Sgt. Andre Lobban, carrying a lively looking casualty:

U.S. Army Sgt. Andre Lobban, a spur candidate with Palehorse Troop, 4th Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment carries a casualty through a simulated minefield during a spur ride, Operation Swift Saber.

Um ladies, please un-doff (put on) your earmuffs. Guys, should you be ever be carried in a fireman’s carry, please make sure you are (properly) anatomically arranged. If you are ill-prepared south of the equator, in your tropical region, it’ll be a mistake you’ll never make again. I speak from experience. The bad news, I was in pain for about thirty minutes. The good news, I was finally able to sing La Donna Mobile in soprano. A feat not repeated in the Northern Hemisphere since my incident. . .

9 thoughts on “A Fireman’s Carry for Non-Firemen”

  1. I’ve only had to that once, in boot camp. I was the carrier and my victim was over 200lbs. I didn’t have to pick him up off the deck, he just leaned over me, but I had to carry him around 20 yards. All I could think about was I WILL NOT FALL. I didn’t care if he ‘died’ or not. I was just not going to fall. And I was sore for a couple of days afterward…I only weighed 170 lbs.

  2. I’m impressed, Coffeypot. I haven’t figured out if I’m genuinely too small to pick up and throw my opponents in martial arts, or if I’m so paranoid about throwing out my back that I’m psychologically unable even to make the effort.

  3. CP: Good for you. I found my legs were sore after I carried a guy the length of the football field.
    Book: Just fireman carry around your laptop/iPad. . . That’ll give you a workout!

  4. Within the Royal Marines it was also referred to as the ‘farmers’ carry, as every one ended up with two ‘acres’…

    Yours Aye.

  5. My neighbor and her husband share their cross-fit gym with friends. I exercise with several other old ladies three times a week. My neighbor is a very fit stay-at-home mom and her husband is a firefighter. One day after a very strenuous workout, I texted my neighbor to ask if her husband could do the fireman carry and would he carry me around Wal-Mart since I could not walk.

  6. While at Ft Lewis in the early 90’s I went through their Combat Lifesaver course. Part of the course was carrying our partner 100 yards. My partner was a thick Specialist named Smith. He went limp. He said for realism, but, it was just to be a dick.
    That was the longest 100 yards I ever walked

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