Avoid Any Taxi Driver Named Monty, Ginny, or Porter

Some of you are going to ignore me on this one, but do yourself a favor and avoid any cabbie named Monty, Ginny, or Porter. They may be trained and all that, but from this link, I’ll say they’re using the hair of the dog. . .

8 thoughts on “Avoid Any Taxi Driver Named Monty, Ginny, or Porter”

    1. Ha ha. The one thing I noticed about Atlanta when I was stationed in Augusta 8 years ago (8 years, yikes) is that every street was a Peachtree of some sort.

  1. A dog walks into the butchers shop with a basket in its mouth. In the basket is a shopping list and a purse. The butcher looks at the dog then reads the list, he then checks the purse and finds a £5- note to pay for the items on the list. Throughout the dog looks back at the butcher intently, watching his every move.

    Still a little surprised he puts the items requested into the basket, takes the £5- from the purse and puts back the change. The dog carefully picks up the basket and with its head held high walks out of the shop.

    This happens every week for a month or so; the same routine with almost the same order.

    The butcher is amazed by the animal’s intelligence and enthusiasm to its weekly errand . One day his curiosity got the better of him and he decides to follow the animal home and speak to its owner.

    The dog eventually leads the butcher to a run-down cottage where it puts the basket on the doorstep; it then stood up on his hind legs and rung the doorbell with its paw.

    A few seconds later an old woman opens the door and hit the dog with her walking stick.

    The butcher jumped forward and shouted “Hey stop that! What are you doing? That’s the most intelligent dog I’ve ever seen in my life”…

    “Intelligent, my arse, that’s the third time this week he’s forgotten his keys”!

    As my Dad used to say; “The rich mans guardian and the poor mans friend”

    We were a home that got by in life, and we always had some great canine friends…

    Yours Aye.

  2. I don’t know if you recall but a few years ago there was a Volkswagen commercial that used trained Weimaraners, driving their vehicles…it was rather amusing…but I guess it is now passe’….k

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