Yet Another One, Gul Meena

Gul Meena

I am getting a little tired of posting these stories, day after day. Honor killings and fifteen year old girls. Enraged brothers who wield primitive weapons. Today’s is a poor girl named Gul Meena:

It is doubly miraculous that the young woman named Gul Meena is alive. After she was struck by an ax 15 times, slashing her head and face so deeply that it exposed her brain, she held on long enough to reach medical care and then, despite the limitations of what the doctors could do, clung to life.

God bless you, Gul. One day, women in Afghanistan will be treated as sisters and mothers.

9 thoughts on “Yet Another One, Gul Meena”

  1. Not any time soon, Navy One and Islamic barbarism is spreading around the world…did you see the latest here in the US around the Dearborn and Detroit nexus?? Shia self-flagellation is the going thing….and there have been some honor killings even though Sharia is completely antithetical to our Constitution…this is unacceptable in the United States of America or it should be…stop Sharia law that makes it perfectly feasible and nothing to see here….the MSM is completely blinded by their own progressive multicultural narrative…unless and until it directly affects them or our politicians, there won’t be anything to see and hear from our Fourth Estate….and these remain the pathetic results of all of this….k

  2. In general Islam fears equality for women.

    Education will bring such equality, but only when those in charge stop allowing ‘tribal culture’ to dictate the standards of what passes for law.
    The major cities allow ‘enhanced’ equality for the ‘elite’ female caste that is simply there for the benefit of the Western MSM.

    This young woman’s story belongs back in the medieval age; the problem is that the ‘medieval age’ is the current passage of time away from the major cities. You only have to travel to the outskirts of any city to view practices banned in the civilised world 300 year ago.

    This pattern of behaviour has to do with the caste system of South Asia’s Muslims and Islam as a religion. With the exception of the elite ‘Dogar’ caste, the clocks stopped moving forward in Pakistan in the 1950’s.

    None of the viewers reading this blog will be around to view any change in the Pakistani culture; unless Allah himself comes back to earth and sanctions it.

    Yours Aye.

  3. CP: My major concern with your comments is that they are so nuanced, I am afraid I don’t get where you are coming from.
    Kris: It is unlikely it will make the news cycle here.
    EB: I am always struck by your optimistic tone and hearty cheer towards the Mid-East.

  4. NavyOne

    The following link, which sadly happens all to often over here in the UK and Europe. In my mind we should now be less tolerant (over here in the UK) towards such barbarity in the name of Islam. People are growing sick and tired of such crimes.

    I like millions of others are prepared to pay for a ticket for the use of any immigrant who wishes to return home. People here are growing sick and tired; the winds of change are blowing.


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