A Nobel for Malala

The Sun is working with Khwendo Kor and Shahida Choudhary to recommend Malala Yousafzai for next year’s Nobel Peace Prize. I could not agree more.

5 thoughts on “A Nobel for Malala”

  1. What an interesting thought….and I have to wonder where is the feminist NOW on all of this?? Claiming to be interested in the rights of all women, you would think this feminist organization would be all over this….sadly, when you’re a liberal/progressive organization, as they are that overrules everything, especially and including human rights….and as we all know the proof is in the ‘pudding’ (results)…..so in the end it’s all a fraud to take people in and malign, impugn and denigrate men…the bottom line of course is, feminist women hate men and the other half of the human race……k

    1. Well, you know CP, anyone with half a brain had to (vote for Mitt, that is)…and I’m with you….and we have at least 60 million ignorant people in this country who voted for the other guy…..and are they ever the lowest common denominator, low information voters……k

  2. Brave girls one and all, however; the Sun has past form (good & bad) in such matters.

    They [the Sun] are there to sell newspapers, no more, no less, they are a ‘business for profit’ who have no right to place lives at risk, especially young ones who do not have the life skills to undertake such a decision them selves. They also risk the lives of others who may not wish to be so open in their beliefs.

    Newspapers in general stand right at the back of the crowd pushing hard whilst whispering what should be done.
    The more intelligent will be at the rear passing forth the whispers, whilst shoving. The group in the middle know some thing should be done but just don’t have the stomach for it, yet they still push and only occasionally whisper their support.
    Those at the front step towards danger not really understanding why.
    Then there are those who just sit on the sidelines, some of which have no thoughts or cares for other peoples suffering.
    There are those amongst them who sit watching patiently, waiting for political or business opportunities to arise.

    What we all must realise is that these young girls are pen ultimately sacrificing their lives to receive the right to education (eventually of which; a bullet to the brain will terminate the process). Harsh as it may sound; that is the reality of it all. Once gone no amount of tears will bring their lifeless little bodies back!

    Would it not be far better for them to receive education surreptitiously, as thousands of others are? Better to receive a little education, such as the basic three R’s, from which to allow the acorns of knowledge grow. Rather than force the hand of those ‘brave’ Taliban to act when their power is challenged; as we know they will.

    My fear is that we are applying ‘our’ standards to a society that has no real comprehension of them, especially the young.

    Pressure has to be brought through political means, if the Pakistani/Afghanistan governments wish to force the issue through then so be it. But it has to be done at their medieval speed and through their understanding of life.

    Yours Aye.

  3. Kris: I know, where is NOW? Not here.
    CP: Hey, chin up!
    EB: Yes, we should be careful. But we have demographics in our favor. Maybe. If all the girls started moving towards education, what could they do?

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