Marine Females and Their Tattoos

When I flew, I had a patch which read Infidel that I wore on my flight suit. I picked it up in Baghdad at the airport once known as Saddam Hussein International Airport, but now referred to as BIAP. Or Baghdad International Airport. The problem with the patch is that they spelled out infidel in Arabic along with the English translation. But they did not use the Arabic word, kaffar, rather they phonetically spelled it out in Arabic script. Still, I liked the patch, messed-up Arabic and all. Plus it kept me out of trouble with the Arabs I used to work with. They had no clue why this American had a patch on his shoulder with gibberish. So I could look tough without having to answer for my toughness. (In all fairness to me, I did not realize this for months.)

At my current job, I have some of my flight patches up in my cubicle. And one day, a woman who was a prior Marine officer came by to chat with me about something. She looks at the patch and says: that is not right. I am giddy, because no one at work has noticed the jacked-up writing.

You speak Arabic? I ask.

No, but I have the real word, kaffar, tattooed on my body. So I know what it looks like.

Ah, Marine females. They are irreplaceable.

Speaking of patches, check out this spec-ops “Harley-Davidson” patch:

Operations in Mangrah Troy

It is in Afghanistan, Mangrah. Extra points if you know what country the door-kicker is from. Do check out his cool Taliban patch too, Jolly Roger and all. (While we are playing  name-dat-soldier, take a peek at this WWII warrior feeding a kitty. My guess would be Australia, considering the camo.)

4 thoughts on “Marine Females and Their Tattoos”

  1. Female Marines must have that bizarre sense of humor we look for when cruising down the highway of life….too funny, Navy One….sounds like someone I’d enjoy meeting or else someone with a sense of what’s both useful and ironic in life….I hope she wears it with caution and well…..k

  2. The Harley patch design, I read someares, is the most macho patch used for tattoos. I believe it, too. I have never seen an Aqua Velva tattoo in my life.

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