The Rolex Submariner

You have got to love Rolex and their advertising. Appealing to submariners by naming a watch after them is genius. Nevermind putting a naval officer in the advertisement:

If you shipped out on the Skate, the Shark, or the Nautilus, you’d recognize this face, Rolex submariner.

Wow, for 175 clams, I’ll take ten! (Please ignore the fact that his collar device is high and to the left. . . Which is only good if you are a pitcher facing a left-handed hitter.)

6 thoughts on “The Rolex Submariner”

  1. Who do they have checking this stuff?? You’re right but aren’t there military advisers who can tell them all of this without them embarrassing themselves??? They just go ahead and do it…I wonder if they ever hear from those who know this information.??? Just a thought….most of us only know what we’re supposed to look like in our own uniforms….as an ossifer you, Navy One, know it all…and as a former enlisted type….you must be so proud to be this multi-faceted, multi-functional and multi-tasked…something like that one-armed paper hanger, huh???….k

  2. Navy One, your brown shoes are showing! Have you ever worn washed khakis underway? (In the uniform regs they might be called “Long sleeved Khakis”.) This picture looks pretty darn close to right.

    ~Surface Navy signing out.

    V/r, Lil Chantilly

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