Does Egypt Have Buyers’ Remorsi?

As much as there are heroes in Egypt at the moment, the National Salvation Front could be (perhaps) called that. The Front includes prominent democracy advocate Nobel Peace laureate Mohamed ElBaradei, leftist Hamdeen Sabbahi and former Arab League chief Amr Moussa. And let’s not forget the Coptic community. I’ve worked with many Egyptian Coptic folks over the years and they are certainly hardworking and proud:

An Egyptian protester holds a cross and a Quran as he chants anti-Muslim Brotherhood slogans at an opposition rally in Tahrir Square, in Cairo, Egypt.

Meanwhile the Muslim Brotherhood is ordering gangs to roam Cairo, raping women and beating men. Best comment at the above link: I’ll bet Egypt has buyers’ remorsi. I suppose I should not gloat. We just bagged a jihadi over here, named Abdullatif Aldosary.

3 thoughts on “Does Egypt Have Buyers’ Remorsi?”

  1. Joke, Navy One?? We can all feel remorse over what will occur in Egypt thanks to the current administration’s known involvement in the disaster of the ‘Arab’ spring as it has played itself out in the lives of the citizens of such a misbegotten movement….and all those so-called good intentions shot to hell….again, results and reality….k

  2. This is where the double edged sword (internet) is used by both sides to place their propaganda on the WWW for all to see.

    There is a far bigger picture to be viewed from the ‘dark side’; we need to take a step back and study the chess board used by certain agencies and study their gamesmanship.

    Iraq; tick in the box in pen, waiting for the ink to dry

    Libya; tick in the box in pencil, eraser in hand

    Egypt; tick in the box in pencil, eraser in hand

    Syria; box empty, pencil and eraser in hand

    Afghanistan: tick in the box in pencil, eraser in hand, pen not required for a long time yet.

    Pakistan; magnifying glass viewing the box…

    Iran; magnifying glass viewing and studying the box…

    Yours Aye.

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