The Post Where I Come Clean About My Onesie

Lily is a sharpei. And has a rare skin infection which caused the poor dear to lose all her hair. Her owner, Ann Rees, managed to find her a onesie. Which may/may not be identical to one I own. . .

6 thoughts on “The Post Where I Come Clean About My Onesie”

  1. I sleep and often work (home office) in the one I was born with, though I have since modified it some what with ‘ink’.

    In case of emergency I do have my clothes ‘stash’ close at hand for when unexpected visitors turn up for tea and crumpets!

    Yours Aye.

    1. Whoah, whoah, whoah. We have a new blog rule ’round these here parts. Any commenters must be wearing at the minimum a onesie, if not proper trousers and a presentable shirt. Not high tea, but not low tea either. . .

      1. Ok mate, I will observe the clothing rule, I am now suitably attired in a pair of black rugby shorts and trainers… but come summer its back to how nature intended.

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