Chief Terrell Horne, KIA

I’ve often admired the Coast Guard, they have a challenging mission and are patient with both the civilians they rescue and the criminals they apprehend. But when I read Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Terrell Horne III was killed by a drug smuggler, I got angry. The Halibut (a patrol cutter) was rammed by a drug boat and the Chief received a mortal head wound. The sole good news is that they caught the murderers.

3 thoughts on “Chief Terrell Horne, KIA”

  1. The Coasties have a 24/7/365 war mission and they get the least ink or appreciation. Two of my childood friend’s fathers were Coast Guard Higgins boat coxwains that landed Marines on every island in WWII. Few people know the role they played or they casualties they took. Sincere Marine Corps condolences to CPO Horne & family. Semper Paratus. Semper Fidelis.

  2. We use to kid them about not being blue water sailors…if their ship sunk they could wade to shore kind of thing. But they face danger everyday and deserve all the respect America can give them. And RIP Chief.

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