The Navy’s Newest Sub, the USS Gerald R. Ford

The Navy’s newest submarine, coming to the fleet in 2015, is the USS Gerald R. Ford:

Navy submarine, USS Gerald R. Ford

Just kidding ’bout the sub. It looks that way, with what Business Insider calls a bulbous bow. It is actually the aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford. I sure hope no falls down the ladderwell. (Speaking of ladderwells, check out this scary one on the USS Kearsarge.)

8 thoughts on “The Navy’s Newest Sub, the USS Gerald R. Ford

  1. Yeah but I heard according to the SecNav (Mabus), there’s gonna be a new aircraft carrier (Gerald Ford class, not sure on the designation) for a brand new USS Enterprise, the ninth US Navy vessel by that name…how’s that grab everyone???… k

    • Great news. CVN-80. On the other hand the Big E would make a hell of a fine museum.

  2. That deep ladder is the kind you go down letting your hands slide on the railings. You have to use your feet going up, though.

  3. I thought it was funny that one of the illustrations showed Hornets and JSFs on the deck with a Hawkeye on the cat. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Hawkeye – it’s been a great platform! It’s just funny to me that we haven’t improved on that design in all those decades. I’ve expected to see something powered by a turbofan instead of a turboprop for quite a while.

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