Jersey Shore Out, Buckwild In

I could not be happier that Jersey Shore has met its demise. The bad news? MTV has moved its cameras to Sissonville, West Virginia to film a new series, Buckwild:

The Buckwild girls

From one of the cast-members: West Virginia is a place founded on freedom – for me and my friends, that means the freedom to do whatever the [bleep] we want. . . Maybe so, Annie Oakley, but MTV will make you all out to be a bunch of hicks. Just like the Jersey Shore folks were painted (and encouraged) to be a bunch of goombas.

8 thoughts on “Jersey Shore Out, Buckwild In”

  1. You know Navy One…I can’t watch such trashy put a camera in front of someone and it’s not reality any more…what a stupid idea….and all the social networks…everyone telling everyone in known universe every little detail of their personal lives….it’s ridiculous…just too much information out there and no one can absorb it all….k

  2. If people want reality, why not follow a group of teens through school and their home life to see the trials and tribulations of them as they enter the real world. Or show the dark side of ‘celebrity’ in its rawest form, with the true facts open for all the world to see.

    ‘Fly on the wall’ documentaries allow the general public to view reality in its purest form, some of which exposes the corruption and failings of the state. There are some beautiful people out there who have nothing but them selves to give, and give they do; their own time and 100% effort for the good of ‘man kind’. (For the PC among you that does cover man/wo’man’).

    They are the true and good and act as nature requires us all to be.

    The MSM assisted by the ‘one eyed god’ (TV) that sits in every ones living room has dominated and ruined life since the 60’s.

    We will all wake up one day and stop idolising ‘celebs’ who are given a false status by the MSM (I woke up the day I joined the Corps). I would rather sit next to a WW2 veteran on a plane than sit with any of the top 5 ‘celebs’.

    Rant over… Its 12:22
    and time for a bit of lunch.

    Yours Aye.

  3. Just because we talk slow, doesn’t mean we are stupid. Although, I guess there are some that will do anything for money. Did mention a friend of mine who owns a shabby chic type junk store got a call from TV folk wanting to do a reality TV show on such stores? They asked her if she had tattoos or if anyone who worked there had tattoos. When she told them no tattoos, they moved on.

  4. EB: I second your point on sitting next to a vet. I usually have great conversations with any kind of prior military member.
    Lou: I agree. Talking to slow means nothing. . .

  5. Based off what the gals I work with at DISH have shown me about this show I think I’d honestly rather see the Jersey Shore stick around until their about eighty! I can already tell from the trailer that I most likely won’t enjoy these new folks, but just like all train wrecks I probably won’t be able to look away. I guess only time will tell how it all plays out, so I guess I’ll just keep an eye out for the premiere date. I did just upgrade to a DISH Hopper DVR and have a 2 terabyte hard drive to work with now, so I’ll have no problem recording the series and all of my other favorite shows coming back in January as well. At least if anything if I don’t like what it offers I can just delete the timers.

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